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13 July 2024

This weeks Pictures..

Wednesday nights JV game at Colonial is up.. Great game to end the season for JV lighting at the field however gave me such a hard time that they pictures and not as bright and clean as they should have been.

Thursday Night Boone LAX practice at Airport Lakes got some nice shots learning about and how to shoot LAX..

Tonight I will be at Dr. Phillips shooting the Varsity game.. Go Braves.. Pictures will be up tomorrow afternoon..

I will also be at RDV shooting Penguin hockey again… Let’s get some wheels on those skates Josh!!

You know where to find them when they are up…

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This weeks action..

I am taking pictures at the Boone JV/Freshman game at Freedom tonight… I will notify when posted. Freshman team is looking to go undefeated..


I am also going to be at the RDV Sportsplex on Sunday Shooting Penguins hockey at 11 again maybe a few games before or after..



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Boone High School West Orange Games

Are all posted, Freshman, JV and Varsity. I have broken them all out. I have some Cheerleading shots as well..


I will be at the games next week as well…



Thanks for your support… Send me and email and let me know how I am doing..

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